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Dear guests,

due to ongoing renovation work, there will be no guided tours and film screenings until further notice. The FeuerWerk Shop will remain closed on Saturdays in June.

In early summer the FeuerWerk will shine with a new concept.

The SichtBAR is open regularly and can be reached at +43 5288 601 11465, we are looking forward to your visit!



HolzErlebnisWelt at binderholz in the Zillertal

FeuerWerk, the HolzErlebnisWelt, is not only one of the most state-of-the-art and commercially productive biomass cogeneration plants in Europe - it offers so much more. Four areas are available to our visitors.



TOURS of the biomass cogeneration plant

At ten tour stations, you will gain by means of an audio guide impressive technical insights and a great deal of worthwhile knowledge on the topics of green electricity and pellet production, district heating, the history of timber and climate change.

The movie HolzWerk - the journey of a trunk
well worth seeing

From the trunk to a valuable solid wood product a 13 minute video clip impressively shows the way from harvesting the trunk to the different production stages of various binderholz units to the finished product.

SichtBAR – the restaurant at the FeuerWerk

Whether for lunch or a cozy get-together for coffee in between – the SichtBAR restaurant captivates its guests through its appealing architecture and impressive vista of the Zillertal mountain world. The “Garden of the Airs” is a place where you will want to spend time. From high above, on the sun deck and roof garden, you can watch the busy day-to-day activities at the binderholz plant.



CULTURE at the FeuerWerk

POWER STATION & CULTURAL VENUE – concerts, readings and other events are the hallmarks of the cultural happenings at the FeuerWerk. Ongoing exhibitions of renowned domestic and international artists take place in the gallery. Wood as an artistic medium plays an especially significant role here.

CONFERENCES, 16 meters aloft

The conference rooms promise creative work in an environment of premium-quality natural materials. The furnishings made of solid timber products from our in-house production lends a heightened quality to the atmosphere of well-being and offers the ideal framework for seminars, conferences and events of a special kind

With the FeuerWerk Video, you'll get a comprehensive idea of what we offer. Come by and experience the FASCINATION OF WOOD – we look forward to your visit! 

Our Philosophie

Our corporate core VALUES

  • Totally committed to the idea of renewable energy, we are always mindful of our responsibility toward nature.
  • We produce green electricity as well as district heating at our model power plant and open our doors to the public.
  • At our SichtBAR, we feature domestic products and place great value on freshness and quality.
  • Social responsibility is an integral part of identity, and charitable events have a fixed place in our cultural calendar.
  • Just as we act in harmony with nature, we take our responsibility to our employees quite seriously – success is a collective effort.
  • A high level of service quality is the basis of all we do. The human being takes center stage, and the satisfaction of our customers and employees is the benchmark of our quality.  

Our corporate CULTURE

As an organization, we learn continuously. Through mutual respect and mutual learning, we achieve success together. We are flexible and dynamic. Our work is based on a culture of trust. In our view, our colleagues are nothing less than our internal customers.

Our mission

In harmony with nature – experiencing wood with all five senses.

Our History

Besides its original headquarters in Fügen, Austria, the binderholz Group operates 60 other sites. More than 6,000 employees in Europe and the US share a passion for wood. At its headquarters in Fügen, it operates a major sawmill with a cutting capacity of 1.1 million solid cubic meters of round timber, a planing mill and a production facility for solid wood panels.

Such a plant requires large amounts of thermal energy for drying the wood, an energy need that has always been met by means of the biomass incurring on site. Since more biomass was accumulated at the sawmill than could be consumed during operations, an idea was hatched in collaboration with the municipality of Fügen: to supply the town with eco-friendly heat through a district heating system.

2000 | Installation of two biomass high temperature boilers

binderholz takes charge of the facility, including fuel supply Installation of the respective district heating network by “Ortswärme Fügen,” the local energy company.

In a very brief time, virtually the entire village was connected to the district heating network, entailing the following benefits:

  •   definite improvement in air quality
  •   exceptional customer convenience
  •   reduced heating costs

This success exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. The original heating capacity of the biomass boilers was soon unable to meet demand, and any further expansion of the district heating network had to be put on temporary hold.

2005 | Opening of the FeuerWerk HolzErlebnisWelt

For the Binder family, this project meant far more than simply a technical facility. In 2005, a seminar room seating 240, a restaurant and a roof garden as well as a gallery were integrated, and the entire plant has been operated as a model power plant since then.

On the one hand, the FeuerWerk is an architectural attraction with the right technical equipment for the production of energy as district heating, green electricity and pellets – a model for sustainable energy management in a region where timber is boundless. On the other hand, it has on offer a cultural venue, where exhibitions and concerts are continuously held, as well as a round tour through the biomass cogeneration plant.

facts & figures


binderholz GmbH
Zillertalstraße 39
6263 Fügen


DI Helmut Reitter

construction time

September 2003 - March 2005

Concept & implementation

ORION project team

Hannes Senfter
Hans Augustin
Lois Hechenblaikner
Filmatelier Fahrngruber & Slavik


Lois und Franziska Weinberger,
Würdigungspreis für Bildende Kunst 2005 (Award for the Visual Arts 2005)
Lies Bielowski
Hans HAKI Kirchmair