General Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions for events at FeuerWerk are an integral part of the contract on which the order placed by you (referred to as “organizer” below) is based. Deviating terms and conditions of the organizer are not applicable. By placing an order, the organizer agrees to comply with these conditions as well as all relevant trade law regulations and assumes liability for compliance.


1. Guaranteed number of participants

For those events for which food is to be served, FeuerWerk needs the exact number of guests at the latest 4 working days prior to the beginning of the event. This number is deemed the guaranteed minimum number for which FeuerWerk makes all the preparations. This minimum number will be charged to the organizer. In the event that the number of guests is higher than agreed, FeuerWerk will try to cater to all participant subject to capacities. Cover charges, meals and beverages exceeding the agreed number will be additionally invoiced.

2. Cancelation of events

If catered events are canceled at least 96 hours prior to the start of the event, 50% of the ordered meal price for the stipulated number of participants must be paid. If reservations for event rooms are canceled, the following cancelation charges will apply

up to 30 days prior to arrival 30%

up to 14 days prior to arrival 60 %

up to 7 days prior to arrival 80 % 

after that, 100%  

of the agreed package price.

3. Service

We staff events with that number of employees meeting international quality standards. If, in order to comply with your special requests, additional staff shall prove necessary, this will be reflected in an additional fee of € 45 (incl. VAT) per employee and hour.

4. Technical services

Provision of tables, chairs and seminar technology is included in the room rental charge (package pricing). For any additional basic work, such as setup of podiums, runways, light or sound systems or suchlike, we charge € 45 (incl. VAT) per person and hour. If complex technical work or equipment is required for the event, which are not included in our room equipment, FeuerWerk will commission third-party companies with the implementation and charge the costs incurred to the organizer. The organizer has to comply with all safety instructions given by FeuerWerk staff.  

5. Prices

Our prices include all taxes, fees and service charges. These prices will continue to apply until superseded by a new price list.

6. Offers

Offers and programs that we have compiled remain the intellectual property of the FeuerWerk until the awarding of the contract is awarded. In the event that programs we have offered are not booked with us but, instead, are arranged elsewhere, we reserve the right to bill agent fees at rates customary in the market.

7. Valuables

Valuables (also cash), which have been brought in by attendees of events can be deposited for free in the safe (depending on available capacity). Otherwise, no liability is assumed by FeuerWerk. The organizer accepts responsibility for making participants aware of this option.

8. Beverages

Should no other arrangements have been made, all drinks will be billed according to actual consumption.

9. WiFi

Within the framework of the respective event, FeuerWerk offers customers the use of WiFi Internet access. Visiting sites with illegal content and the dissemination of unlawful or copyright-protected contents via this Internet access are prohibited. In addition, it is proscribed to use the WiFi for the download or any other distribution of copyright-protected contents. The FeuerWerk does not assume any liability for damage claims, especially with reference to the contents of websites visited or downloaded files. Furthermore, no liability is assumed for any virus attacks due to the use of the WiFi. In the event that the FeuerWerk is exposed to claims of third parties, for whatever reason, due to the use of the WiFi, the organizer is obligated, to indemnify FeuerWerk in this regard.

10. Food and beverages brought in by the organizer

No food or beverages may be brought into the FeuerWerk without prior agreement. FeuerWerk shall charge appropriate fees for food and beverages brought into the building.

11. Music, artistic performances

If the organizer is planning for artistic performances during his event, he is obligated to take care of registration in due time in relation to the AKM (Austrian Performing Rights Society) and entertainment tax. With his order, the organizer releases FeuerWerk from any responsibility in this regard.

12. Decorations

The organizer is obligated to obtain the approval of the FeuerWerk management for the installation of any decoration(s) or other items. It is generally not allowed to fasten decorative items to the interior furnishings.  Any installation has to be performed by professional staff and in agreement with the management of FeuerWerk. All fire regulations have to be complied with. Decoration items provided by FeuerWerk will remain our property after the end of the event. All costs incurred by the creation, installation and de-installation of such items shall be borne by the organizer. Lost or damaged inventory items will be charged to the organizer at cost price. 

13. Liability

The organizer understands that, for safety reasons, smoking is expressly banned OUTSIDE of the building and pledges to inform event participants of this fact. The organizer is himself liable for damages caused by guests, employees or agents of the organizer. If required, the FeuerWerk management can request that the organizer takes out an appropriate insurance policy. The FeuerWerk is liable for the loss or damage of items brought into the building only in the case of culpability and under no circumstances for the culpability of third parties.

14. Rescission of contract

The management of the FeuerWerk is entitled, at any time and without having to provide reasons, to rescind the contractual relationship, if

a) the event puts at risk smooth business operations

b) the reputation or safety of the FeuerWerk is jeopardized, or

c) an instance of force majeure occurs.

In no circumstances is the organizer entitled to assert claims for damages against the FeuerWerk.

15. Billing

Depending on the agreement, a prepayment has to be made. The invoice is presented on the last day of the event. Bills are payable in full within 14 days. In the event of late payment, 15% late-payment penalties will be charged. By entering into a agreement with us, the client expressly agrees to accept all procedural charges in the event of unpunctual payment.

16. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The law of the Republic of Austria shall apply. Innsbruck is stipulated as place of jurisdiction.

Fügen, January 2020